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Obey Me is a frenetic ARPG for PC where Angels and Demons fight in the Material World hidden from the eyes of humanity.

Dive into the dark world of the lesser demon Vanessa Held, a soul huntress, and her new partner Monty, an impulsive and snarky Hellhound collecting souls for Ammon, the infernal Archduke of greed.

After receiving an angelical weapon you will have the opportunity to fight your own organization and break the chains that once held you back, shattering the world order as we know it.

Roam through a city filled with peril consuming the souls of your foes to get stronger and unlocking new abilities.


  • Experience an immersive story with unique and intriguing characters.

  • Attack and Dash with melee and range weapons together with your Hellhound.

  • Order Monty to protect you or destroy your enemies with special skills.

  • Customize Vanessa and Monty fighting styles upgrading your weapons using the souls of fallen enemies.

  • Explore a decayed city to know more about this world and find secrets to increase your chance of survival.

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Obey Me

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Error 404 Game Studios is an independent game developer studio that started its journey through the industry on August 2015. Our team is composed by of crazy bunch of game lovers with a single mission, “to make games you will love to play, always!”.

We want to create interactive experiences for you and your friends to share and remember. If we don't try our hardest to make games that you will enjoy, what's the point of doing them? It's time to work!

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