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Obey Me is a frenetic action RPG game were Angels and Demons fight in the Mortal World hidden from the eyes of humanity.

Dive into the dark world of Vanessa Held, a soul hunter, and her partner Monty, a loyal yet snarky Hellhound, collecting souls for Ammon, the Archduke of greed.

Uncover the mysteries behind her true powers and the plans of her boss.

Roam through a city filled with peril, from the crime-ridden streets of the Slums to the most decadent Offices battling against criminals, demons and more. Consume the souls of your foes to get stronger and unlock new abilities.


  • Experience an immersive story with unique and intriguing characters.

  • Fast paced combat with a pet system and RPG elements.

  • Order Monty the Hellhound to protect Vanessa or destroy her enemies.

  • Customize Vanessa and Monty fighting style with a variety of upgrades and take your foes down the way you want.

  • Unleash mighty special skills, using the souls of fallen enemies as energy.

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