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Obey Me is a frenetic 3D Brawler for PC centered on a duo of mistfits demons fighting hordes of mutants, fiends and angelical machines alike.

Set in the modern word, Heaven and Hell are locked in a millennial conflict for the souls of Mankind. Vanessa Held, a lowly Soul Huntress in the infernal ranks, and her Hellhound companion, Monty,will tip the balance of the war with their own hands.

Roam through a city filled with peril slashing, kicking and crunching your foes, consuming their souls to get stronger, unlocking new combos, powers and transformations.

 Experience an immersive story with unique and intriguing characters.
-  Use different weapons, each having their own combos and special abilities to take down your foes. 
- Fight along side Monty, your partner, combining your attacks and breaking havoc.
Upgrade your weapons and Monty's transformations using the souls of fallen enemies.
-  Explore a decayed city to know more about this world and find secrets to increase your chance of survival.

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Obey Me